WhatsApp Blasting

WhatsApp Blasting

DGSOL’s WhatsApp Blasting Services offer a game-changing approach to traditional modes of communication!

Casting a Spotlight on ‘WhatsApp Marketing’

In the vibrant digital tapestry of Malaysia, WhatsApp stands as a beacon of user-friendliness, blending file sharing, image snapshots, video calls, expressive emojis, captivating GIFs, and seamless video conferencing, all wrapped in a delightful user interface. What’s more, it’s a financial lifesaver, banishing the specter of SMS charges. This remarkable platform generously extends free phone and video calls, ensuring no financial pinch for users.
A staggering 22 million Malaysians, constituting a staggering 68% of the population, have made WhatsApp their preferred digital watering hole. This massive user base sets it miles apart from run-of-the-mill channels like social media or email, making it a tantalizing prospect for businesses eager to connect with their target audience.
Behold, the era of WhatsApp marketing is upon us, a customizable platform inviting businesses to embark on meaningful conversations with the Malaysian populace. But what exactly are the gems that WhatsApp marketing unfurls for your business?

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Crafting the Canvas of Connection

Instant, Heartfelt Conversations: WhatsApp serves as a seamless conduit for businesses to directly engage with their customers. Here, information flows like a cascade – whether it’s flash sales, tantalizing promotions, or riveting updates.

Economical Engagement: WhatsApp marketing weaves a frugal path to a broad audience. It’s an economic alternative, defying the pricier traditional advertising methods.

Visual Symphony: Captivate and educate your audience through the visual orchestra of WhatsApp’s image and video sharing features. They’re the sparklers in your marketing toolkit.

Dialogue, Not Monologue: WhatsApp’s two-way chatter avenues resolve issues pronto and bestow a red carpet for customized customer care.

Bots and Beyond: Automation, in the form of chatbots and more, is your tireless, 24/7 ally.

Fortress of Privacy: The ever-reliable end-to-end encryption ensures the safety of data and conversations, even as they cross device boundaries.

Globetrotter’s Friend: WhatsApp’s global reach is a godsend for multinational giants hopping time zones and geographical coordinates.

Fostering Loyalty: Building robust, positive relationships with customers is WhatsApp’s specialty, boosting the odds of repeat business.

Data’s Compass: With WhatsApp Business, data-driven insights are at your fingertips, guiding your strategic sails.

But here’s the secret sauce  you can’t achieve all this without crafting visually appealing and engaging messages. So, drench your marketing palette with WhatsApp’s image, video, and document-sharing features to capture your audience’s imagination.

Still skeptical about the wonders of WhatsApp for your marketing dreams? Dive in. Register for a WhatsApp Business account, armed with time-saving features like automated greetings and quick responses, and set sail on your WhatsApp marketing odyssey.

Collect the email addresses of those who have expressed interest by requiring them to opt in. Through the utilization of WhatsApp Blasting by DGSOL to broadcast time-sensitive information such as special offers or updates, we are able to assist you in optimizing and streamlining your efforts, giving responsive customer assistance, and gradually enhancing your strategy based on the results.

How To use WhatsApp For Marketing

WhatsApp requires you to register a phone number before you can start using their services. Besides this, there are certain limitations to WhatsApp that may prevent you from reaching a huge audience. These limitations are that you can only send messages to your phone contacts and that you can only send 256 at a time. But with the right WhatsApp marketing tools, your business can reach a larger market more than what social media advertising can ever do. See how other companies are using similar messaging platforms to market their products.

Exclusive Features That Are Only Available on WhatsApp Blasting

The main drawback from using WhatsApp for marketing is that you can only send 256 messages at a time. This is easily remedied with a
method called WhatsApp blasting.

What is WhatsApp blasting you ask? WhatsApp blasting is the term used for sending messages and media through WhatsApp in bulk.
Due to WhatsApp limitation, if you require sending out more than 256 at a time. Then you need to purchase the service of a WhatsApp
marketing software or service.

Other than that you also face the possibility of having your company number blocked if someone reports the number as spam. With
WhatsApp blasting however you don’t have worry about this as the number used for this service or system is not tied to your company.
This saves you the trouble of losing a precious number for company use.

If you’re interested in sending out bulk messages but think the market pricing is too high for you to test out this new marketing strategy,
Webist is now offering WhatsApp blasting services or system to suit all your marketing needs at fair and affordable pricing.

Filter References

If you want to quickly differentiate between the active WhatsApp contacts and the inactive ones in any list, use the filter references.

Rate of Delivery

WhatsApp’s message delivery rate of 99% stands out as extraordinary in comparison to other means of communication. This rate ensures that your messages will always arrive on time and in a secure manner.

Group Sending

Sending to a huge number of people all at once using the “Group Sending” function? The best option available is the bulk WhatsApp sender service offered by DGSOL. In the event that you need assistance configuring channels on WhatsApp, DGSOL is available to provide you with expert guidance and services.


WhatsApp is an example of SCRM (Social Customer Relationship Management) software, which helps businesses to hold two-way discussions with customers, obtain useful insights from customers, and further cement their links with customers. SCRM stands for “social customer relationship management.”

A revolution in marketing is currently taking place right in front of our eyes because of WhatsApp. WhatsApp marketing is redefining how businesses function by instantaneously linking them with millions of potential customers. This has the potential to significantly expand their customer base. The affordable pricing offered by DGSOL for WhatsApp mass messaging can help your company keep one step ahead of the competition and contribute to the success of your marketing initiatives. Join us in swimming against the current of change!

Whatsapp International Price list

10,000 50,000 100k 1M +
RM 0.10 RM 0.095 Ask For Best Price
Ask For Best Price
RM 1,000.00 RM 4,800.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if it is permissible to advertise on WhatsApp, companies still have a responsibility to adhere to all applicable privacy and consent requirements when communicating with clients via the service. It is required that you obtain their explicit permission before sending promotional emails to them using this way.

When it comes to sustaining client involvement without infringing upon their right to privacy, the best frequency of communications ranges from two to four times each month.

The WhatsApp platform makes it easy for companies to keep their customers up to date on the latest information regarding their goods and services by sending them messages directly.

Without a doubt! Advertising on WhatsApp is inexpensive, flexible enough to match the aims and budgets of small businesses, and incredibly helpful for developing ties with clients. All of these characteristics make it an ideal medium for these organizations.

WhatsApp is perfect for offering individualized customer care, creating trust, and resolving concerns as rapidly as possible because to its real-time and two-way communication features.