DGSOL's SMS Blasting Excellence will shine a light on your achievement with SMS blasting!

What Is SMS?

Short Message Service, or SMS, emphasizes clear communication. The power of SMS has been utilized by DGSOL Marketing to create a dynamic marketing tool. Personalize messages using your customer data, exactly as you would with email marketing. Our integrated link tracking and shortening tools offer priceless information about engagement and conversion rates. SMS is an effective method for conversion and engagement. For optimized messaging, look into SMS Blasting with DGSOL Marketing.

SMS Blasting

Worldwide SMS Delivery You Can Trust

Count on DGSOL Marketing for exceptional SMS deliverability. Our technology ensures that your messages arrive in every country on the planet with unwavering reliability thanks to more than 240 direct links to carriers. DGSOL expands your ability to send and receive information globally. Utilize DGSOL Marketing to unleash the SMS’s limitless potential.

What are some uses for SMS marketing?

Utilize SMS to its fullest, a flexible platform that enables you to engage clients like never before. Participate in SMS campaigns by developing and launching SMS advertising campaigns that appeal to your target market. Utilize the quick delivery and high open rates to attract attention and produce results.

Promote with Care

Create and distribute marketing materials that persuade customers to act. Utilize both short-code and long-code services to customize your strategy to the specific preferences of your target audience.

Instant Alerts and Updates

Use SMS, the most dependable method, to tell your consumers of urgent alerts and updates. Your communications will be delivered, even in places with spotty internet connectivity.

Simple verification

Send one-time passwords (OTPs) to any location in the world to ensure security and dependability. DGSOL has direct carrier connections, so you can be sure that these urgent codes will reach you right away.

Memorable short codes

Enhance your branding with 5-digit short codes or long numbers that are quickly remembered. These codes are made to be memorable by your customers, making it easier for them to interact with your business.

SMS Malaysia Price List

Credit Package 10,000 50,000 100k 1M +
Price per SMS / TXT RM 0.12 RM 0.11 Ask For Best Price
Ask For Best Price
Total SMS Price RM 1,200.00 RM 5,500.00

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